Breaking News: I received some somewhat shocking news from Z-102.3 evening jock Adam Reese. He said that the higher powers at Citadel broadcasting wanted to make a few minor changes to the “Z.” He stated that Citadel has been so impressed with the syndicated “Bob & Tom” show that they want to try an experiment that has produced some surprising results in other markets. Z-102.3 will become “All Bob & Tom, All The Time” according to Reese. The format will consist of classic B&T shows plus a feature called “Bob & Tom, off the Microphone.” It’s sort of a gripping “reality show” type of program with more personal moments than what is featured on the main program. In protest to this move, “94.7 Bob FM” PD Joe Lang has announced that the Connoisseur station will play nothing but artists named Bob on their station. You’ll hear artists like Bob Seger, Bobby Goldsboro, Bob Dylan, Bobby McFerrin, Bobbie Gentry and so on. He’s calling “Bob FM” the singing Bob that is “Bobbier” than Z-102.3. More details as they develop.