The Pickle Parrot costume from WPKL-FM (99.3 Connellsville) has been returned to the station. Station employee, Bunnie Mitchell, who is responsible for the uniform, had taken it home to clean it and set it out on her porch to dry. That was last Friday. Mitchell ran an errand and when she returned, the costume was gone. The station responded with a Facebook post and the community went to work looking for the bird on the loose.

By Saturday evening, the Pickle Parrot was spotted by a friend of Mitchell’s walking along Route 119 and went into a Sheetz Convenience Store. The young man wearing the costume was not the thief and was unaware that the costume had been stolen. The juvenile who stole the costume later admitted to the crime and a juvenile petition will be filed against him.


1 thought on “WPKL gets mascot out of Pickle

  1. You have to watch your costumes these days, Pittsburgh is home to hungry Furry people.

    I can remember when no one wanted to wear mascot costumes, for example in high school sports.

    It seems like the burglar was a teen pirate costumer who was busted, and I hope that he goes legit!


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